Terms and use agreement 

Terms of use agreement and registration for events and membership by/of  Ragnarok's Garage LLC (RG) 2019. By purchase of memberships and event registrations, you acknowledge and agree to these terms as set forth and that you are at least 18 years of age. Terms are subject to change without obligation of notice. 


Personal information: RG will not share any personal information gathered to third party companies or services. Personal information is ONLY used for member database. 

Payments: RG uses third party payment services, Wix payments and PayPal to ensure safe and secure transactions. Card information collected at events will not be stored or used without written consent from account/card holder. 


Liability: Proof of insurance is required to attend any RG event and must be supplied if asked by RG event staff. failure to provide proof of insurance may result in removal from the event and forfeiture of registration money paid. Ragnarok's Garage LLC will never condone or support reckless behavior and will require that all local laws be obeyed at all times. Reckless behavior and failure to abide by state laws and regulations could result in removal from the event and/or club with a forfeiture of money paid (registration and member fees).

Code of Conduct: RG is a place of community for car enthusiasts and business partners / sponsors, that will not tolerate any form of hate speech, harassment, or miss use of member discounts. The safety of RG members and guests will always be held at the highest level of priority. Ragnarok's Garage LLC reserves the right to remove any member for violations of RG code of conduct. Members removed from the club for these violations will be offered a full return of membership fees paid for the year.

Photography Rights: RG and its affiliated photographers own the right to photos taken at events. Attendance to RG is giving permission to RG to use these photographs that may contain your vehicle, for promotional purposes. You maybe tagged in promotional posts and material but it is not promise by Ragnarok's Garage LLC or its affiliates. 

Purchase of Ragnarok's Garage membership and/or participation of RG events acknowledges that  you have read all of the above terms and agree to them as such.